Friday, 17 July 2009

Faerie Head

Info on how to make your own in Glister: The Faerie Host
out in January

Glister: The Haunted Teapot has lots of extras including:
Activities: make your own Glister biscuits with the recipe and design your own Haunted Teapot.
+ the short strips, "A Day in the Life of Philippa Veil" and "What Mr. Wilkes did Next".
Oh, and the insides are printed in a tasteful shades of dark red.

Glister: The House Hunt has extras including:
Activities: make a Glister stand-up
+ a short illustrated story "Chilblain Hall and the Sunday Painters"
and "Philippa Veil's Postcards.
The insides are printed in tasteful shades of dark blue.

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