Monday, 13 July 2009

Finding Glister?

Detail from Glister: The Family Tree.

The first two Glister books are out but friends and family have been
asking me where they can find a copy.
If you're wanting to walk into a book shop and buy a copy off the
shelves the best bet is your local children's bookshop, if you're
fortunate to have one close by. Borders are supporting the book
with separate displays for kid's comics (so I hear), and they're online.
Waterstone's availability is rather patchy but Amazon have both books.


Sammy Borras said...

I've only found them in borders so far (in the childrens comics section) - but they had lots of copies :)

Andi Watson said...

Thanks, Sammy, glad to hear the books are out there. Hope the homework's going okay?